Thursday, March 26, 2009

Game Master


cEciLLe aPsaY

“Love is like a game,

You are the player

And I am the game master”

And that’s what I am

Way back year 2007,

I was hurt and was broken down into pieces.

As I picked every piece of me,

Slowly I have decided to change.

Gm that’s what they call me

Game master???!!! Sounds interesting

That resembled my new identity

Playing with others,

Makes me feel so great!

That I can’t stop myself,

But to play it over and over again!

When the game is on,

A new contender came,

And entered in my battle field.

As i look at him keenly,

I knew he would be interesting.

While playing with him,

I found out that he’s also a gm!

Making me felt uneasy.

Playing the role of a gm in my own game,

I knew would be difficult

But to continue the game

There’s something that needs to be change.

My contender falls in love with me,

And decided to quit as game master

He became serious and determined,

That convinced me to stop the game.

Being with another gm seems so hard

But I’m willing to adjust because of him

The game I used to know which is “love”,

Has come in real.

Taking with the risk with him,

Feels so frightening,

Where would I’ll be if he would leave me,

But I guess its time for me to change.

“Love is not blind… it sees more not less,

But because it sees more it’s willing to see less”

A quote that i learned from Jordan,

And now that’s what I lived”

A Smile of True Reflection

The last time I played and I lost

Now I’m in a place of emptiness

I could remember while the battle is on,

There’s a man who puts a strike on me.

He seems to be stranger,

Two years younger than me,

But from the day I saw him,

And gave me the sweetest smile he has,

I can’t help myself but to give a smile in back.

The game I had the last time I played was over,

And I miss the young man I met on a gig.

I hope and wish that I’ll meet him soon,

To be with his arms and stay with him forever.

God hear what I wanted,

And met him on another gig.

But this time he was drunk and caught him staring at me.

I don’t know why but I also finds myself staring at him.

When the gig was over and time to go home,

We sneak Sir’s eyes and together we stay until dawn.

In a place where the four of us finds comfortable,

To chat and enjoy each others side,

Until one day we found ourselves falling for each other.

The courtship happened in a short period of time,

Yet no single regrets reign in my heart.

Being his girl seems hard at first.

We had to hide the relationship we had,

From Sir and his friends in dancing.

Take no fear, we should be,

All we know we enjoy each other’s side,

And as days are running so fast,

I got used and understand everything.

On his part I should understand,

He broke his promise to his friends,

Broke-up with his girl from the outside,

And even broke bottles of liquors and be against with Sir,

Just for him to protect and be with me forever.

He may be as young as seventeen,

But he acts like a man of every girls’ dream.

Now my doubts are all gone

And I’m pretty sure for the love he offers me.

On the side of mine,

I’ll take this for sure,

I choose you my dear,

To love you truly and not to be my toy.

All my heart I offer you,

Please take a lot of care and keep it safe,

And promise me you’ll have it forever.

I’ll keep your heart in my heart,

Make you like treasures and cherish you forever,

Coz I love you and that would be forever.

Paglalaro – pagbabago Ni Cecille Apsay

Buhay ko’y sadyang kakaiba,
Utak koy magulo nung una pa,
Sadyang bulalas kung tumira,
Di batid ang wika ng iba,
Sunod sa layaw kung umasta.

Nang dumating ang tulad mo sa buhay ko,
Mundo ko’y nagbago ng dahil sa’yo.
Ako’y tumino at nahulog sa’yo,
Pagiging malaro’y biglang nahinto,
Ngayo’y nagmamahal ng buong puso.

Kung ikaw’y mamasdan animo’y loko,
Pero puso mo’y tila ginto.
Sa buti ng loob at kabaitan mo,
Puso ko’y natutunaw ng dahil sa’yo.
Ngayo’y handing magbago alang sa’yo.

Pangako Yot ko, ako’y titino,
Sa iyo buong puso ko,
Sana lang ito’y pahalagahan mo,
Nang di maagaw mula sa’yo,
Alay ko sa iyo pagmamahal ko.

Friday, March 20, 2009

learning is cool--- teacher na jud!ehehe..

What I hear, I forget
What I see, I remembered
What I do, I understand

When I’m on the mood, I learned more.
When I’m so sad, I don’t remember anything
If I’m disturbed, I learned no more
emotions of mine is in need in learning

Learning is an active process
You and I interact
You and I learn with the moods
Is now holding till we reach the top

What I hear, I forget
What I see, I remembered
What I do, I understand